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Atlas (rumbled)

(XBOX)Santonik 15

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[rumbled] mod is bug.  or intended. I assume that is a bug.

This mod no effect strengt or range.  


My suggestion. 

1. More range = more area damage.  

2. More streng = more damage.  

3. Give 75% melee weapon damage to start.  


Why  these.    

Rumbled mode is ultra tank but now it cost too much attack power.  

Today versio you can doing about 500 per hit.  That is about max damage.  

Whitout rumbled mod and doing a normal hit whit melee hit much  greater damage.  

500 dmg vs 100000 dmg  is quite high difference. (poor example)


Other rumbler mods doing much more damage per hit than rumbled versio. 

AI rumblers is much more better everyway now than that rumbled mod when Atlas self is rumbler.


It is good if you fix somehow this issue.


i like that idea when Atlas is self rumbler. (king rumbler) 


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