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Necramech "nullified" halved resources BUG


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Hello, I've encountered this bug few minutes ago when farming for some toroids in my VOIDRIG.

I've been under the Temple of profit when I noticed that voidrig basically didn't picked anything even though a minute before that my mission information showed 16 picked toroids, I then jumped out into operator form for a short while went invisible and after 20 secs I went back into voidrig and then I noticed that all my resources got "nullified" in the voidrig basically the whole mission info was empty no resources anything, but my operator showed 8 toroids, but voidrigh showed nothing at all.

Also I have resource boosters, both for higher drop chance and double the resource, but the nullification removed one of those boosts effects and it was like I was just farming without the double resource boost.

So yeah the game stole total of 8 toroids, from me and left me with the half of resources I've farmed.

Unfortunately I didn't took photos of that when that happened I have only the end Information about the free lance mission I was on. I'am unable to Insert image from URL (forum doesn't like imgur and google links) so I'll post it here.


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UPDATE: I tried to replicate the bug again and I've found that the Toroids dissapear in VOIDRIGs inventory after a while. Also this time I've managed to take more than one photo. Also I've found out that the toroids are not the only thing affected by this, other resources too. Oh and Voidrig has his own "Inventory" which I didn't know until now. There appears to be a "transfer" bug between the Voidrig and Warframe/Operator.


Notice the resources numbers looking fishy in the 16min 36sec and 16min 48sec. Also 12 total toroids should have been shown in the "Last mission results", but theres 10, where did the other 2 went. (pics number 3 and 5 show total of 12 toroids, but pic number 6 shows 10 toroids)

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