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Exo Warframe


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Just thought up a new idea for a Warframe. I like the Iron skin ability but often play light frames. I have always wanted to see a bone Warframe in the game. As for looks the Warframe could have a bone vertebrae along with bones on arms, fingers etc. 






1. Fallen Blade, Exo's arm changes into a bone blade that deals high damage but lasts for a limited time. 


2. Skeleton, Exo creates an exoskeleton out of bone that absorbs full or half damage until bones are shattered. Don't want Exo to be OP so maybe half damage would be a better choice. 


3. Hollow,  Exo's bones hollow allowing him to move much faster but takes more damage while power is active. 


4. Spinal spear, Much like Excalibur's Radio Javelin Exo releases bone spikes from his spine. Not AOE effect, spikes fire within a certain radius in front of Exo. Leans forward and launches spikes from Cervical Spine. 


This is just a quick draft, I really want this to come to life someday so any idea's, suggestions and opinions are welcome.



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Heh not mine, I think it's Prototype concept art. Just giving examples of what the frame and it's abilities could look like. I really want to see a well designed frame, still haven't found one I really like. The bone would look great and the powers would be awesome to see. I liked Nekros but he's just too skinny for me. I want a really good looking fun frame to play. Seems like they should have released something like this for Halloween.


I know this will never happen but why not suggest it?

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