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Just a DAY Full Of BUGS...


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1.  Stealth / Spy mission.  Last room (A, B, C) and there was simply NO DOOR.  No way to access the last panel.  None.
I know this room / tile set VERY WELL, and all the "side" entrances - NONE were there.  Unable to even trigger the countdown, so the exit marker never appeared.  Had to ABORT the mission.  Low level mission - enemies were level 7 +/-

2. Corpus, New Ship.  Jumped down a hole to "rescue" the Fortuna guy being tortured by donating a granham coin.  Went to leave - NO DOORS, NO EXITS, and the hole that I jumped down was GONE!!  Literally the map glitched so bad that I was trapped in a room with NO EXITS.

3.  One HOUR in Ani / Void, cracked open every chest, crate, and locker, killed endless enemies.... got exactly ONE Argon Crystal.  ONE!!!

That is some VERY BROKEN stuff!


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