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You can have your in Fortuna but can't fire it.


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I've found out that you can have your gun in Fortuna but cannot fire it. How it happened was this: So you know how the enemies in the Orb Vallis can drop a datamass when killed and use it to hack the comms or something in the bases. Well, if you have one dropped (don't know about being in your hand though) and you go to the elevator which takes you back to Fortuna, the datamass will teleport there and when you're going back to Fortuna it stays with you until the end. And when the elevator stops and you're back in Fortuna, you can pick up the datamass and drop it again and boom, you have a gun in Fortuna but can't fire it. 

P.S the datamass suddenly teleported to the elevator so i'm not sure if it always drops there. Just a heads up

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