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A serious Limbo rework


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Been thinking about a Limbo rework since ages, but I only recently put it into words, cause I started to properly play Limbo and, even tho it works, it's super clunky and unrewarding even tho you play it correctly (compared to other Warframes).
I tried to keep, more or less, what Limbo already has (CC) while also improving it and moving it towards a support/damage Warframe (not a nuke one).
Values can be, of course, modified if they would reveal to be too strong in game.

Rift Plain rework
Rift Plain is a p(l)ain to deal with.
While it's cool cause you receive no damage (even tho certain enemy attacks can pass it), enemies in the Rift cannot be killed with weapons, if you are outside, only Warframe abilities can.
Rift would now be some sort of status effect.
Limbo and Allies outside the Rift can damage enemies inside.
Enemies in the Rift deal 75% of their damage to Limbo or Allies outside the Rift, while dealing full damage if inside.
Allies in the Rift now gain 50% DR (they can be hit by enemies inside or outside) and can damage enemies inside or outside the Rift.

Reworked passive
Limbo receives 90% DR while in the Rift and receives 10 energy back while both himself and the enemy killed are in the Rift, even if the enemy is killed by an ally (will make more sense later).

Reworked 1st
Same as now but enemies now receive 30% more damage (scales with Strength).

Second and third ability should be swapped for the sake of consistency.

Reworked 2nd (previous 3rd ability)
Puts one enemy in the Rift and gets slowed down by 50% (doesn't scale with mods).
If killed, does a radial banish and slows down the enemies hit, still by 50%, for the remaining duration.
1st ability synergy
If the enemy hit by the 2nd ability was previously hit by the first one, the radial banish also extends the damage taken increase, along side with the slow down, and sets its remaining duration to 2nd ability's one.

Reworked 3rd (previous 2nd ability)
Synergizes with both 1st and 2nd, alone does nothing.
Does an AoE around Limbo that doubles the debuff given by the 1st, 2nd or buffed 2nd (both debuffs up) ability.
Uses the duration of the dubuffs from the previous abilities:
E.G. Enemy A was hit by the first ability (8 remaining seconds) and enemy B was hit by the second one (12 remaining seconds).
The ability would double both of the effects, but wouldn't extend the duration.
Considering how strong this ability may become, an energy consumption based on how many debuffs the enemy has is suggested over a flat amount (also considering the passive (that would also count enemies killed by allies), something alongside 4 energy for 1 debuff and 8 energy for 2 would make sense).

Reworked 4th
Rift wouldn't shirk, but has a fixed range (scales with Range) has a much lower duration compared to the other 3 abilities (ideally 1/3 duration of the base one should be fine (more infos later)) and applies the effect of both 1st and 2nd ability.
Synergizes with 3rd, applying the effects increase on all the enemies inside the Rift.

Abilities duration
1st: 0.5
2nd: 1
3rd: takes the remaining of 1st or 2nd
4th: 0.33

As such, taking in account a base duration could be 30 seconds, the durations would be:
1st: 15 seconds
2nd: 30 seconds
3rd: takes the remaining of 1st and 2nd
4th: 10 seconds

All the augments should already be balanced as they are now.
The only thing changing would be the augment of the 3rd ability that would become the augment of the 2nd (cause ability swap).

How would you play it?
The whole idea revolves around doing CC and debuffing enemies at the same time, while also removing any chance of griefing teammates or being a bother cause you accidentaly (or on purpose) Rift enemies or allies.
You, ideally, use the 1st ability on an enemy, "Shift" inside the Rift, hit the enemy with the 2nd ability and kill it, so it does a radial banish.
Once you debuffed all the enemies in a certain area, you can decide if you want to debuff them more, while spending a good chunk of your energy.
4th ability would be far more consistent with a fixed range than it is now, and would also use the augment better, considering, right now, it just adds more duration and doesn't expand the already shirked Cataclysm.

That should be pretty much it, I think I covered all the important stuff.
If you need more info, cause I didn't consider something or I forgot to explain, please ask.
That said...
Pablo-Senpai, please notice me!

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42 minutes ago, M0deRa1n said:

Been thinking about a Limbo rework since ages, but I only recently put it into words, cause I started to properly play Limbo and, even tho it works, it's super clunky and unrewarding even tho you play it correctly (compared to other Warframes).

So im a Limbo fan and while i dont neccisaraly disagree with you, your consepts are interesting, i think limbo is fine as he is. Yes, his abilities can be clunky, but they trade ease of use for increadable powerful CC. Best in the game infact. Sure, his entire kit is based around putting up a bubble and holding it, its very specialised. However i thing this is fine. Warframes not like Destiny, were we pick on character type, and have to stick to it forever. Were encouraged to activly switch to suite the mission at hand. Limbo is one of the best frames if you need an objective defender. Maybe more than frost. I can see why alot of players might dislike him, but i think thats because most people dont understand him or how to use him well (no shade ment). Hell, prior to his first rework, i hated limbo. Hated playing him and being matched with him. But since diving back in i've found him a delight to play, and am even happy to see others use him in missions (the energy regen while in void is a godsend for so many caster frames).

So in all, i dont think Limbo needs a rework, regardless of how good the concept is.

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