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Character model rotates incorrectly and switches hands while holding a charged shot on a bow.


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I don't know if this has been posted before or even noticed. I noticed the bug while using the Proboscis Cernos, but it extends to all bows in the game. I am right handed, and use a right over the shoulder view in game.  When you charge a shot and hold it, it looks like the image below. The bow is held in the left hand, and the draw string is drawn with the right hand.






However, if you charge the shot, and walk back and stop(while holding the charged shot), the bow switches hands entirely, as shown in the image below.




I put the Exilis Latron Shoulder plate on only the left shoulder, for visual reference and to double check if there was an optical illusion. If the character does not move and continues to shoot, the position and stance will remain locked, until you aim down sights, when it abruptly switches back to normal. Now while this isn't a game breaking bug, the sudden jarring switch between the normal and the reversed view -> back to normal in quick succession can cause disorientation. Also, this occurs with every bow in the game, be it the Dredd, Paris, Lenz or Bramma. I'm not sure if it occurs with rifles since the gun model is somewhat obscured. And I can see what issue the animation really has.

IRL, if I were to draw a bow turn back and run and turn to shoot, my rotation would be counter clockwise, from a fixed over the shoulder perspective. The character model here rotates clockwise instead, hence the switching of hands with the stance. Hope this helps!

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