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Undesirable Interaction Between Excalibur Exalted Blade, Endless War, and Operator


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Steps to reproduce.

  1. Subsume Warcry onto Excalibur.
  2. Apply Endless War augment mod.
  3. In mission, activate Warcry and Exalted Blade.
  4. Enter operator form and do a void dash.
  5. Return to Warframe form.

Result: Exalted Blade will be deactivated upon return to Warframe. Upon reactivation, kills made with Exalted Blade do not increase Warcry timer as per Endless War effect.

This bug was found on both PC and PS4 builds in association with a compatriot who plays on PC that was able to capture video of the bug. I will provide a link in the replies.

This bug was tested for and not found with Baruuk.

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