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The mod "cautious shot" is not working.


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Its broken. I've tested it.

Edit to say: Its still not working. Especially with the Ogris. Im knocked over every time. 

Edit again to say: It looks like the new hotfix could have broke the mod, at least for sure for the Ogris. Not sure if it was already a problem beforehand. Could be that its not working for other weapons too, I just can't confirm that... as I've had 4 other players test it out so far, but only with the Ogris.

Edit Three: It doesnt work with any weapon. 

Final edit: With the release of the new primed mods "firestorm" and "fulmination" it makes it even more important that this get fixed.

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Yes, its bugged.

Apparently its an old bug reported in April that I guess was fixed but now its back with recent update.

The Cautious Shot is only being applied to the 1st shot/projectile. If you only fire 1 projectile, then cautious shot works like its supposed to.

With multi-shot, the 2nd projectile explosion wont be affected by cautious shot and will stagger you

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