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Black energy color appears differently in arsenal than it does in game.


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The image above shows the difference, though it might still be difficult to see. In the leftmost screenshot, especially on the arm, the inner energy color appears as a very opaque black, which is why I went with it. However, as soon as you're out of the arsenal, the way the game handles the color is entirely different. As can be seen in the two rightmost screenshots, black appears more as an absence of color or a very transparent dark spot rather than what was shown in the arsenal. It affects all abilities too. Rather than having black streaks running through it, it just appears to be missing a color.

For reference, I'm running on an AMD Radeon Vega 56. Though I recall having a similar problem seeing black energy colors in game when I was running on an Nvidia GTX 960.

Clarification: The black being used is the darkest black in the smoke palette.

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