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I made a mastery rank calculator


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Hi everyone,

Started the game about a month ago and really loved the game, I have a personal goal to reach MR30 so I made a MR calculator to help me find out how much MP I need to get to my target MR, the web app is pretty simple at the moment and I'm planning to add in a feature that also calculates how many weapons, primiaries or etc that is needed to reach the target MR.

Anyway, just here to share the website with my fellow tennos if anyone ever need to use it, the site is totally safe with https and free of ads, Im open to any feedback or feature requests , of course it doesn't have to be related to the calculator can be any other useful tools and I'm happy to make it happen.

At last, the project is open source on github, let me know if you are willing to help.

Thank you, here's the link: 


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