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Solid Golden Smeeta



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10 minutes ago, (XBOX)Skinnywolfvega said:

I've been Playing Warframe for awhile now and have seen the Solid Gold Smeeta a couple times. Someone offered 2 imps for 600p to me once but I didn't have plat at the time. Now I do and am looking to buy.I'm on the xbox is anyone willing to sell to me?

This is the wrong section of the forums to offer to buy things you'll have much better luck here


but since you're here...

It's none of my business what you spend your plat on (obviously) but I'd recommend saving it for frames, weapons, etc. 600 plat is a lot and you can just buy the gold colour palettes for much less off of the store. Plus you might have to re-forma/build your kavat from there. Your choice but I thought I'd offer an alternative,

Good luck tenno ^-^

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The 2 "Natural" greens you get in kavats are both present in the Kavat Gene Masking Kit that costs 160k creds... There's litterally no reason to buy a kavat imprint for their color.
The Tails, and ears, however, do need to be bred in... But all you mentioned was colors.
Also 600p seems a lot for a kavat. Lotus Kubrow with rare colors, yeah, sure, but a kavat?

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