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Fortuna conservation needs to be brought inline with Deimos and Plains


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As it stands, Fortuna conservation is dead to me. I would do it for nightwave at least in the past, but after having the call point despawn right under my feet today, I'm done.

On the Plains, and especially on Deimos, if you just need to farm captures in general (like most players), you can just roam about in your Archwing with your Tranq at the ready.... Fortuna? Well...

1. you open your gear wheel, select your Tranq rifle
2. you open your map, find a nearby hunting spot
3. you open your gear wheel, use your archwing to start flying over to the spot
4. you realize you forgot to waypoint the spot, and archwing switched you away from the Tranq rifle...
5. you open your gear wheel, select your Tranq rifle...
6. ...you start to remember why you hate this...
7. you open your map again, you waypoint the hunting spot
8. you fly over to the waypoint...
9. ...it's all coming back... you REALLY start to remember the pain...
10. you spend what feels like an eternity looking for a turd pile that blends in with the environment
11. you eventually give up on that spot, and start back at step 7
12. you actually find the turd this time... you then try to follow light blue tracks on snow...
13. ...stupid Corpus, can't you see I'm doing a conservation mission? *pew pew*
14. you eventually make your way to the call point
15. you realize that between coming out of archwing and fighting thru Corpus annoyance, you no longer have your Tranq rifle at the ready...
16. you open your gear wheel, select your Tranq rifle
17. you look down at the pile of guts to find which lure to use
18. you open the lure gear wheel, and select the matching lure
19. you call... GET OFF ME, CORPUS! *pew pew*
20. you go back to step 16
21. you call, wait for the response, then do the move-your-cursor-slowly minigame
22. you swap back to your tranq again, when you realize... you brought Equinox for a reason...
23. you make sure you're in night mode... if I went through all this hassle I'm gonna get a Perfect capture, goshdarnit!
24. you have the target sighted... instead of risking it, I'm gonna cast Equinox's 2 and...
25. ... you switch back to your lure with 2... 
26. you're still fine, the target is still...
27. *something goes wrong, such as Corpus interference*
28. target is gone/dead
29. a part of you dies inside
30. you vow to never do this again

So, DE... perhaps you can remove a few of those steps?

Some serious takeaways:
1. Make some targets available outside the hunting minigame, like on Deimos and Plains
2. The turd pile is too hard to see, and the UI needs you to be too close
3. Make the tracking vision red or something!
4. Have archwing maintain your last weapon/tool upon summon
5. Do something about the Corpus interference. More remote hunting spots would be a start.

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Thematically I would like the to go further with how the hunting works in general. 

2 options I would think would be nice:

1: Animals spawn randomly across the map similar to Plains and Deimos. Activating the starting point of the hunt spawns the animal near the call point. Using pheromones adds a chance of spawning another of the same animal(not sure if they should have a higher chance of being rare or not given that you are already getting 2 animals instead of 1, chance at double when we are talking about groups). Using the resonator the first time will, similar to now, indicate the direction of the animal. If there are multiple animals that are not in the same general direction (~30° range) multiple return calls will be made. (Rarity could perhaps influence the way the call sounds, sort of asserting dominance) The second call will lure all the animals within a specific range toward the player.

2: Somewhat similar to option 1, but instead of random spawns and spawning when the start of the trail is activated. Each trail will spawn the animal near the end of the trail even before start is activated.  

In both situations when the animal is scared off(reaching a minimum distance from the end point and the player) the hunt will fail, removing the trail and spawning another elsewhere.

In general the goal of my suggestion would be for the hunting to feel more like you are taking an existing animal out of the ecosystem instead of one that magically appears because you called it.

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All of what you said.

I find the tracks are the worst part - why does a sawgaw, a flying thing, feel the need to walk so damn far? I can't  begin to imagine how big a turd comes out of that bird for it to be incabale of flying for some time afterwards 😆

to top it all, you can run with Ivara (the huntress) set her up to prowl, and as soon as you change to the tranq rifle - she becomes visible again (at least that's what happens to me, I should try that again to check)


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1 hour ago, gbjbaanb said:

to top it all, you can run with Ivara (the huntress) set her up to prowl, and as soon as you change to the tranq rifle - she becomes visible again (at least that's what happens to me, I should try that again to check)

The mechanism used to call the animal makes noise and any noise breaks Ivara stealth.

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