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TOP: the master of spinning, true spin to win!


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TOP has the ability to SPIN at incredible high speeds which grants him multiple advantages!


whenever TOP uses an ability, during the lifetime of that ability there is a 10% chance that he will drop a spinning top that will seek nearby enemies and explode on contact dealing 500 blast damage +60% enemy max health  

TOP has a new rolling animation, which is a high speed spin that dashes him to the rolling direction, the dash has enhanced distance and speed.

FIRST ABILITY(SPIN): Press to spin intensely at incredible high speeds, collide with obstacles like walls, or even the ground to bounce off of them and gain increased momentum, collide with enemies to knock them away, they suffer damage equals to 40% their maximum health as true damage when they impact an obstacle or another enemy.

SECOND ABILITY(WHIRLWIND): Create a spinning whirlwind around you that takes all damage and redirect it back at enemies, using SPIN while this ability is active multiplies that damage by 6000% 

THIRD ABILITY(VERTIGO): induce sickness in nearby enemies they drop their weapons and fall on the ground stunned for a few seconds, if you use SPIN while this ability is active you pull enemies that are sickened to you

FOURTH ABILITY(ON TOP): the TOP is always on TOP, TOP charges potential energy and release it outwards, creating a field, enemies that enter the field spin uncontrollably, and become 50% more vulnerable to damage, allies inside the field have increased movement speed and have a damage multiplier to their abilities and weapons

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