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Steel Path Acolytes Leaving with out killing me or dying


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Sometimes when an acolyte spawns to attack me they just leave for seemingly no reason?

I have some guesses whats causing it tho. I was attacked by an acolyte in open world while I was using my necramech. So I decided to fight it while in my mech. The acolyte blew up my mech (no surprise there, mech's are hella weak) and the acolyte left. It acted as if by killing my Necramech it killed me. Which is stupid. It never even attacked my warframe at all. Is this intended?

It also happened again today. Was doing some steel path in the void and an acolyte spawned. So I start fighting it, and there are other enemies in the room. So I shoot the other enemies with my radiation secondary so they get rad proc'd and we can gang up on the acolyte together. Instead the acolyte totally ignores me, kills one of the random rad proc'd enemies and leaves as if it had killed me! Like what the hell?!

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On 2020-12-05 at 2:00 AM, Hobie-wan said:

With their previous visits before being added to Steel Path, they could leave if too much time passed. So I'd imagine that still is in place.

I don't think so, just did a mission to farm steel essence: the accolyte came, saw my khora fully builded up with a 6x Bloodrush, tried to attack me failing to do any damage, got 3x whips and noped the hella out of there. So it's most likely a bug but it hapened once so i'll try to see if it's possible to recreate also no enemies or companion were harmed by the accolyte.

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