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Got question on kuva lich?



So I trying to complete my sedna map in witch I met with a kuva? anyway I defeated and stabbed my parazon in it since it was written to do it,but after doing it and completing the mission I got a notification/inbox kuva lich and then my entire Saturn map has a red cloud on it while the enemy level is beyond fifty ,since I m solo there is no way in hell that I can beat with my warframe solo,so the question. 

1)is the same kuva lich get played by multiapal player or single kuva lich available to multiplayer at a time?

2)do all player have same planet converted in red form?

3)do I have to solo since I don't have any team or anybody to invite?

4)is the red cloud permanent till cleared or has time limit? 

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english aint your first?

Each Lich is unique to the player who made it

planets taken over are random but you will see players on the same node you are running

can solo em yes

by this ''red cloud''  you mean the planet covered in the red glow with a lich mark on top of it? it will be removed once the lich is dead

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Important things first: You can still run the regular versions of each Saturn mission without the higher level enemies. Your Lich won't do anything if you don't play the special Lich missions apart from stealing very small amounts of resources (and if you're unlucky maybe some rare mod drop or unlocked relic rewards) after every mission in the red cloud. You can take as much time as you need.

There are three parts when dealing with your Lich:

1. Farm black Requiem Relics from Kuva Siphon missions or from killing Lich thralls (see #2). You can then open them in the fissure missions on Kuva Fortress to get special Requiem mods you can equip on your Parazon. To kill your Lich, you need a random set of 3 Requiem mods in a certain order.

2. When playing the Lich missions in the red cloud, special Lich Thralls spawn. If you kill them and stab them with your Parazon, you collect Murmurs. (You also get Murmurs after stabbing your Lich, see #3) After collecting enough Murmurs, the game tells you which 3 Requiem mods you need to kill your Lich, but not their order.

3. To defeat your Lich, you have to equip the correct 3 Requiem mods on your Parazon in the correct order. Collecting murmurs can tell you the correct mods, but you'll probably need multiple tries to find the correct order. When you have 3 mods equipped, play more Lich missions until your Lich finally shows up. You then have to kill it and then stab it. If you have the correct mods in the correct order, you can kill or vanquish it and collect your rewards (see below). If the mods or their order were wrong, your Lich survives and levels up. This increases the enemy level of Lich missions and makes the red cloud cover more planets, plus your Lich will steal more resources. But you also get a large amount of Murmurs if you don't know all 3 mods yet. You can then change your mods and their order and try again.

After defeating your Lich, you can either Kill or Vanquish it. Killing the Lich gives you its weapon. Vanquishing the Lich lets it sometimes spawn as friendly NPC to help you, plus you can trade it with other players for their Lich. No matter what you choose, you always get back the resources it has stolen plus the Lich's Ephemera, if it has one.

As for doing it solo or with other people, if you search for Murmurs in recruit chat, you'll always find groups of people doing Lich missions together to collect Murmurs. If you play someone else's mission on a planet that's not under your red cloud (that's different for every player), you can collect murmurs without your Lich showing up, in case you don't want to level it up yet.

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