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is there a way to ignore clan links?

(XBOX)x ARTaco x


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6 hours ago, (XBOX)x ARTaco x said:

ignore clan links

You could try filtering out "{" since that's a part of (only) Clan Links, might do the trick.

6 hours ago, d0n41dth3gr34t said:

under gameplay in options, receive clan invitations from: 

Does that actually do anything for Links posted in Chat?

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44 minutes ago, Drachnyn said:

If it's in recruitment chat i suggest blacklisting the common words found in those messages like: clan, discord, active, research, friendly, dojo. Occasionally some will slip through but you can always adjust your blacklist on the fly.

there's an idea

was hoping there was a way like there is with look, config, and songs but this'll do i guess ty

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