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Valkyr Rework - Improving Her Performance based on her role as a front-liner frame.


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Valkyr is one of the oldest frames in the game. While some "old" frames have had their kit updated to the current state of the game, her kit has been rarely touched. Her kit is simple enough; enemies hit her, and she hits back, harder. Her two signature abilities, Warcry and Hysteria, makes sure that there's nothing stopping her from getting into the enemy's face, but even those abilities have their drawbacks. The purpose of this discussion is to find a way to make her abilities more sustainable in every condition.

Rip Line : Pulls Valkyr to the directed location or pulls and ragdolls an enemy when aimed at them.

Problem : Pulling enemies individually is too clunky, not to mention prevents Valkyr from taking them out due to the ragdoll.

Suggested Solution

  • Allow players to tap the ability to simply propel Valkyr towards the designated location, and hold to pull enemies towards her.
  • Holding the ability now pulls enemies are in an area of 60 degrees in front of her , but in a way similar to Khora's Ensnare instead of ragdolling them. This would hopefully solve most problems encountered when using melee.

Warcry : Gives Valkyr bonus armor and melee attack speed. The augment, Eternal Warcry, extends the duration per kill.

Problem The conditions required to prolong the ability is restricted by the number of enemies that she can take out. This makes it less useful against missions where enemies are limited in numbers or spawned too far away from each other (long assassination missions like Zealoid Prelate, open world missions, etc).

Suggested solution :

  • Make Warcry recastable and speed up its trigger animation, or
  • If people insist on keeping long-duration Warcry behind the augment or insist that making it recastable can't be implemented, change the required condition from "extend duration for every kill" to "every critical hit". Even weapons with 5-10% crit chance can still consistently proc Berserker's effect, so it would still work with any weapon as long as it has crit.

Paralysis : Deals damage to enemies around Valkyr based on her remaining shields, while opening up those that survived for finishers. Prolonged Paralysis pulls enemies towards Valkyr and increases the stun duration.

Problem : Range and damage is too low, using her shields to scale off of is counter-synergistic to how most people build up for armor. Mostly used to open enemies for finishers, even then there's a bug that prevents enemies from being opened for finishers when they're in mid-animation (ground stomps, slams, bash, melee, etc).

Suggested Solution :

  • Increase the base range at rank 3 to 15-20 meters.

Hysteria : Grants Valkyr invulnerability and switches her melee for her exalted talons, draining her energy overtime.

Problem : The range of Valkyr's Talons are too short, and the mobility of her combos are too low.

Suggested solution

  • Increase the base range
  • Increase forward momentum on the "gap closer" and "forward" combo (Aim/Block + Forward + Melee and Forward + Melee)

The aim of the ability's suggested reworks and buffs above was to give Valkyr more versatility in her role as a front-liner compared to her current "use Eternal Warcry for the entire mission and occasionally use her other three abilities when you're bored" play style. Does anyone else have more ideas on improving her performance? 

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Her 1st and 3rd need a rework, she lacks eHP if you don't want to go perma 4th. "Slowing" with her 2nd is a bit unwanted (hopefully it happens only once), with the augment the 4th damage output is OK but you can't perma and still lack range (baruuk, excal...)

Perhaps a few tweaks would to it.

Also she need strength, duration and range which is a bit too much.

Ripline : fixed range, QoL to be able to hit ennemies after pulling them. Make the projectile faster. Remove complicated effects to just a crit damage increase with melee a few seconds after pulling the NPCs, change the augment so that the energy cost is free when not targeting an ennemy.

Warcry : change range for range and duration (like Mag 3rd, Nova 4th). Remove the slow effect. Make the armor bonus fixed (don't change values for Valkyr, but increase the buff for teammates)

Paralysis : the power was bad, with shieldgating it's even worse. Change range for range and duration. Add the slow effect (moved from warcry). The cost of draining shield became high due to losing shieldgating, and slow is not a good debuff in many missions so I guess it'll be OK.

Hysteria : make one of the combo move or, the heavy attack, have a ranged effect. It doesn't have to be over 6m and not all moves

And slight HP buff so that she reaches 900HP at lvl 30 with a vitality

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