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After 29.5.3 I lost all kills for secondary kitguns in Profile


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In 29.5.3 DE have made changes in secondary and primary kitguns and decided to leave only one of them.

Separated Kitguns from the Primary/Secondary weapons in the Mastery breakdown into its own category.

  • Kitguns moved from Secondary to Primary in Mastery breakdown in Deimos: Arcana -- since this might cause some confusion we decided to just have Kitgun Weapons in the Mastery breakdown. This also makes it clear you don't double dip!

After this I lost all statistics for kills with my secondary Catchmoon and Tombfinger, which was my favourite secondary weapon in Profile with thousands of kills and overall usage above 35%. Now I have this:


As you can see, now I have 258 kills with Cathmoon and 5 kills with Tombfinger in Secondary section. I can't change this numbers no matter how much I kill with secondary Cathmoon and Tombfinger. This is actually statistics for kills with Primary Cathmoon and Tombfinger.

This is why I ask DE to give me back my statistics for kills with secondary Catchmoon and Tombfinger, because losing thousands of kills is not fun.

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DE finally fixed this in 29.10.10

Ran a script to correct player Profile stats with regards to Modular item Ranks.

  • Warframe tracks item progression in two different ways, the item itself for Ranks and Mastery, and then your Profile stats.  Players recently noticed that their Profile was not tracking Modular items, this was due to the stats being submitted to the wrong part of the item. In Hotfix 29.10.8 we fixed the upload so that new stats are sent to the correct item, and this script now fixes “bad” data that was previously sent to the Profile. Your Modular items should now be in sync and show the correct Ranks.

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