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Magnetize fails against ragdoll enemies


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Mag's second ability, Magnetize, will sometimes fail to apply a magnetic field to targets who are suffering from the 'Lifted' status effect, or are suffering from ragdoll effects (such as from Mag's first and fourth ability -- Pull and Crush, respectively).

I have committed to multiple tests in an attempt to repeatedly, and reliably, reproduce this bug. I have failed to find any reliable way to produce the bug*; the magnetic field randomly fails to appear against lifted enemies or enemies suffering from the ragdoll effect.

*This bug occurs regardless if you are hosting the mission, or are not the host -- there is a correlation between your ping and the magnetic field failing to apply to targets; the higher your ping, the higher chances of the magnetic field failing to apply to targets.

Energy is spent when casting Magnetize, but energy is not refunded when it fails to apply the magnetic field.

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