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Why are people looking to buy mask kuva lich?



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Here's an actual answer, you weirdos.

There is currently one big feature in Railjack that was delayed but that we will most likely be seeing with the next additions to railjack in 2021. the command intrinsic.

This was supposed to be part of the original railjack release but it was not ready yet. Command would let you use NPC characters to man positions on your railjack, helping more solo-focused players. As you can capture or vanquish your Kuva Liches players were wondering what capturing would be used for in the future. It was brought up to DE that it would be interesting if you could have them man your Railjack as part of the command intrinsic when that was released. DE was very receptive to that idea and its been referenced by DE on streams once in a while for many months so far. It seems likely to actually happen.

Some players are interested in this, very interested. So they want a unified look to their theoretical crew, they find some liches more appealing than others and are trying to assemble a cohesive group for the future. Its hard to do on your won, so buying them makes more sense than just blindly farming liches and hoping for the best.

thats it.


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