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41 minutes ago, (XBOX)JK Hoss4282 said:

So why does breaking a riven open not award Xp to the mastery rank? Even thought I broke a riven yesterday and the Xp to middle master didn't change still 27,879.  What does this 5,000 Xp goes towards. If nothing it should be removed then.

You got a lot of things wrong. Only weapons, warframes, and other leveling items you can equip give mastery points. These level up with exp points and give mastery points. Each level gives different levels of mastery points to weapon, warframe or pet.

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7 minutes ago, kyori said:

That awarded XP is just affinity. Good if you have gear in the midst of leveling up else it's trash. Questioned DE why but they didn't give a damn.

I mean... it's a reasonably inconsequential bonus reward for a simple task, doesn't really need a reason beyond that, but we have lenses to extend the value of affinity (even if you eventually cap that out too)

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