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so this says feedback

i try to give some. someone conciders my feedback not beeing feedback and moves it to genereal discussion.

i did not like that.  i tried to let you guys know what i didnt like during the last years.

i say something and people start to try to offend or just be negative.

i didn´t want a conversation. i just wanted to give feedback.

beeing at this forum has not been fun, it only caused me anger and trouble!

if you move something somewhere, it would be nice to let others know that it was moved.

hope this is some feedback that reaches out to you!

im still mad. probably wont come here again, til i forget that i was mad. atm i just hate this place


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Maybe post actual feedback then.  Seems like most of your posts are just related to how you are upset about the Athodai being a stream drop, even though it was said multiple times it wouldn't be an exclusive thing forever and it will return.   DE even provides a helpful guide on how to construct feedback posts to be more relevant and useful.  



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