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What I notice is that a lot of people complain about support. Now with the exclusion of twitch drops,( as they are mostly out of DE’s control unless they decide to return them or run a script.) support usually will take care of issues. However there are some things y’all gotta remember.

1. They cannot fix everything. Although they can try to help, not all issue can just be resolved super easily.

2. Follow instructions. Automated responses are annoying yes however if you listen to them you might actually get something you want.

3. Case to case basis. Not all cases are going to be handled as fast or as well as others. Some cases are more time sensitive, some are more complex. Support can works the best they can with limited numbers to solve problems the best they can. So just be patient and wait till after the ticket is resolved to complain.

4. Severity of the problem. Like in number 3, different cases will be handled differently. If your case is something minor that can be resolved by pressing the ignore/ report button or replaying a mission, don’t go to support expecting the  butler [DE]Cedric to come and wait on you hand and foot until you highness is pleased.

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I've generally had good luck with support. 

Once when I first started I accidentally sold my Amalgam Serration mod. I had just maxed it and was low on endo so I exchanged some random duplicate mods for endo while I was still on mods screen. Problem was I didn't notice that Amalgam Serration was still selected after I maxed it. So when I dissolved trash mods I also dissolved Amalgam Serration. 100% totally my fault. I made a mistake. I was in a hurry to equip my new maxed mod and was not paying attention. I got lucky and DE was kind enough to replace the maxed mod. They said I was lucky I noticed as quickly as I did or they would not have been able to replace it. 

Another time I got lucky was when I bought 4k plat worth of Argon/Gallium decorations for my orbiter. Orbit capacity was displayed as ~1500. I did quick math and I had room for ~300 decoration that took 5 capacity each so I bought ~200.  I start expanding on the crystal cave that I call an orbiter and after placing ~20 decoration it says I'm at max capacity. I still have 180 decorations I just bought I am unable to place any more of them. There was a UI bug that displayed the wrong number. Again, DE was nice enough to return my stuff. I got 4k+ plat returned to my account. They didn't have to do that but I appreciate that they did. 


Then there are the numerous trade bans I've received for running endurance. I've never gotten one of those lifted and never once gotten anything other than an automated response. It sucks, I know the bans can be lifted, if you're lucky or know who to talk to. 

I just try and remember that I'm dealing with an actual person who is doing their job. Their job is dealing with people having problems and I know that some of those people are not being very polite. Al I can do is treat them like I would like to be treated, plead my case and hope for the best. 

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