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[Suggestion] Cronus Warframe


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It's like the god or titan Cronus or chronos, it has the ability to change the time itself


Skill 1 - Flash forward - Single target ability which causes target to age causing physical impact damage over time


skill 2 - Chronicle - Makes your warframe create a shield around the frame and other waframes making projectiles and enemies slow over time, it lasts for 15 secs


skill 3 - Bullet stasis - makes every Projectile Freeze for 5 seconds giving your group a chance to avoid massive damage, after the the 5 seconds the projectiles will proceed with their trajectory


skill 4 - Bane of chronos - Makes targets go back in time, making them shrink for 10 seconds, causing massive damage on activation and slow them by 30%


The stats are now job of the DE team or anyone who is in charge of the warframe maintenance


I think this Warframe can be greatly useful in terms of defense and survival missions 

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"Cronus" wasn't actually the Titan of Time, he was the Titan of the Harvest.

"Chronos" was an entity more akin to Father Time in our culture; not deific, more like a personified rule of the world.

The mixup between the two names is the reason why we depict the Grim Reaper (the inevitability of time and, by extension, death) as bearing a scythe, but the titan himself has nothing to do with it.


Besides, Chronos is a rather on-the-nose name. Do we really want a repeat of Nekros?

There are so many alternatives, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_and_fate_deities'>just look at this list!

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