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Character on warframe stuck in place


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Heya iJohhnnny,

Kuma-Bei also made a post about this issue earlier regarding the “Obsidian Deko Armor locks Warframes in place”.

I think I have a solution for you if you have the exact same issue as me. This only just started to happen to some of my frames. I’ve tested most of my frames and the only ones that do not have issues are the frames that float or have floating animations (Wisp, Titania) whilst walking and running. Yesterday my friend had a hunch and we tried the below and it fixed the issue.

Did you happen to have purchased the Divergence pack? I did this and when the parts are equiped they create a strange invisible static collision box at your spawn points when coming out of menus. This collision box can also be generated in places like Fortuna. UN-EQUIPE them fixes the issues.

Total bummer as this is a paid item which breaks the game. 

Hope that helps? (Nobody I’ve asked in game have come across this issue but I have a feeling as people start buying the DIVERGENCE PACK this will pop up again.

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