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Some mission type improvements


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Don't despawn keys on activating that color and at the end of wave, but they should still be despawned after a while or after another key spawns elsewhere.

Mark keys in 3D view when near, too many people go right past them because they don't look at their map (and I can't blame them).

Eliminate the next wave timer.

Keep the same colors in the same rooms.

Significantly improve the usefulness of the one-per-map yellow item thing. If you want people to explore for it then it should be more significant, like 2x rewards that wave or kill all active demolysts, etc... still would be pretty meh if it's only one, maybe respawn it in a new position every wave.

Stop AI from going for the player(s) in extraction, for separate extractions it always results in a lot of enemies being there and dropping keys, hindering progress for everyone else... also quite annoying for the person trying to extract especially if they have the audacity of using operator, resetting the extraction timer... which btw is too long at 1 minute, should be 30s or less for separate extractions, maybe 30s for host and 15s for clients... oh and stop listing the timer as if everyone gets extracted, it should mention that only the person in extraction will extract.



Merge 5 waves into one, the waves are quite silly, it shouldn't be so few enemies in so many different waves.

Maybe add some optional objectives around the map which would decrease the amount of spawns the next wave or help in some way with the current one (like filling the defense target's shield and some overshield, some elemental effects near the defense area, etc).

Map-wide affinity range.



Secondary objectives like enemies having a chance to drop some item that accelerates the progress (similar to fortuna bounties for hostages stage), this will mean that you could go faster if you're actually actively playing the game and not just camping with CC abilities.
This will impact fissures so their drop chance should increase, they're already pretty low and can lead the entire squad fails to open the relics.

Map-wide affinity range.

Capture points faster by holding USE on the consoles the enemies can use, this would reduce downtime at the start of the wave and also allow quicker recaptures for when squad is distracted (like kuva liches).

Reduce the timer between waves (especially when very few enemies are standing) or have a way for all players to vote to skip the timer if they do not wish to roam for loot.


Add various optional objectives, like: caches (like in sabotage), a kill goal, access some console at some given position to steal some credits, find some items that cuts down the timer, respawns randomly every 5mins... anything but standing around waiting for the time to pass :/

Map-wide affinity range would encourage exploration... and map-wide looing would encourage players spreading out and actually causing a rukkus :} But I don't expect map-wide anything here really, I just hope it's getting more engaging gameplay.


Sanctuary onslaught (both)

Map-wide affinity range.

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Many good suggestions here. I don't understand why they implemented forced despawn of keys in disruption, I liked being able to plan for the next round. Finding the keys is the less fun part of the mission.  

I agree that the yellow thing is absolutely useless, the best way I can see it being used is to lock a conduit into a specific effect for the rest of the mission.(buff or debuff based on player choice)

Not too worried about key locators, even with no UI I found them quite visible. 

All wave timers just feel like they waste time.

I find 1 minute fine. Removing the timer from those not extracting makes sense, but I'd add a warning when host is trying to leave to avoid host migrations.

Defense and survival could definitely be a bit less boring with some side events.

Finally, I'm not too bothered about interception gameplay.

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On 2020-12-05 at 4:07 PM, PhiThagRaid said:

I find 1 minute fine. Removing the timer from those not extracting makes sense, but I'd add a warning when host is trying to leave to avoid host migrations.

It's fine if you can wait in peace, but right now enemies just swarm you and if you don't have a frame that can stand exposed for 1 minute then you'll need to go operator to hide/heal, which resets the extraction timer :/ Enemies need to just stop going for extracting people and it'll be dandy for everyone in disruption... and survival too frankly.

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Also, I might add the fact that in Mass Effect's Multiplayer (which is the best of its kind imo), had you on the last wave trying desperately to survive until extraction, and if all members did  extract safely, you got a bonus. And it was maybe the most intense part of the session. My point is, the extraction was the climax of the mission, and it felt amazing. Sooo, personally, im against smooth extraction. I want me some tension and last minute desperate escape. What we have now is more like "eh, im bored now, imma leave, and nothing is gonna keep me invested in the mission to keep me from leaving".

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Good suggestions which will most likely be ignored like every other improvement suggestion to the gamemodes we have... 

Disruption: Agreed on all points, keys need a visual icon so people stop going past them and keys shouldnt outright despawn on round end or conduit defended but with a timer instead. 

Defense: less downtime the better so why not. 

Interception: Having the collect those drops would add "another thing to do" while playing and I think its always a good thing to encourage more active play. Not sure we need that "press use on console" thing though, on top of that. 

Survival; Fully agreed! I always thought survival needed something else to do like caches altho that would divide players which is a bad thing in fissures. 

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