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Cannot fire Zenith after changing fire mode using alt fire


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Zenith's altfire will always break if you swap from automatic fire mode to semi-automatic fire mode while dodge rolling.

Normally, when swapping from automatic to semi-automatic, you fire a disk, which allows you to use semi-automatic mode.

If you swap to semi-automatic mode while rolling, the disk is not fired and you lose the ability to shoot with the Zenith.
Pressing alt-fire to swap while in this glitched state fires the disk and allows the player to fire again.

Vid [Turn on subtitle for keypresses]


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  • TYPE: Weapon fire rate bug
  • DESCRIPTION: When switching my fire mode via the alt fire button for taking out the pylons during Profit-Taker my zenith will sometimes bug out for me and does not want to fire.
  • VISUAL: Your ammo count will disappear is the indicator for me that I have triggered this bug.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: When pressing alt fire on the Zenith during profit taker I should be able to burst fire
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Cannot fire my Zenith 
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: It seems like this bug has something to do with going into operator mode or knockdown effect or getting hit with a magnetic status effect that is causing it since it is happening to me during profit taker and those are the three big things that are notorious for causing a lot of bugs that would not happen elsewhere usually.

Will update this thread it if happens to me again to help try to narrow down the issue

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I'm a bit late, but this issue issue was fixed in 29.10.0 (it's currently patch 29.10.10).
I've confirmed that the fix doesn't just apply to rolling as listed in the patch notes, but to any form of animation cancelling: The alt-fire survives being interrupted by the escape menu, arch-gun deployment, rollling, and leaving archwing.

On 2021-03-19 at 4:18 PM, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed Zenith’s Alt Fire mode swapping not working if you roll at the same time. 



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