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Skadi "Infested Ice" with Modular Kubrow Warframe


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Saw @Jade052 post a while ago and finally decided to finish the kit I´ve suggested for his Idea. This frame is a “kubrow”/Hunter warframe based on Skadi. The winter part had to messed with a bit to not step into Frost Shoes so made her “frozen” infested. So, I basically created a new “brand” of the infestation that can with stand the temperatures initially used to contain the infestation. I need to finish the modular Dog desing and name it but the Basic desing is here.




Frozen Shield - Skadi shields received the benefits of her armor but don’t regenerate over time. Any healing receives when Skadi has full health will be turned into shields at 50% conversion rate. 

Dog - Skadi is always deployed alongside her trusty dog. This dog will use his skills im in tandem with Skadi. Skill dependent on mutagens equipped


1. On the Hunt

Skadi creates skies out of Ice and charges forward (Works similar to Mach rush but slower and more maneuverable). Leaves a path for her allies, moving through this path massively increases their movement speed. Skadi has 50% evasion ( and 50% damage reduction against AOE ) and can fire her weapons while skiing.


Fallows Skadi leaving a trail of toxic fumes behind. Effects vary based on mutagen equipped

Leptosam- Leaves a Trail of Healing Spores.

Chiten- Periodically leaves a parasite that grown into a tentacle.

Arioli- Periodically leaves a outsole that behaves like a mine.

Monachod- Leaves a Trail of Sticky goo slowing down enemies moving over it.


2. Track 

Skadi Highlights ( clarification: it does not create a new weakspot like banshee sonar it just Hightlights the existing one) allowing the player to see them through walls. Additionally, highlighted enemies take increased damage on weak spots and melee attacks will always hit the weak spot regardless of the point of contact 

Note: ignores LOS restrictions but it is a cone shaped AOE.


Fires quills at highlighted enemies within his LOS.Effects

Elasmun- Infest the target with virus that attack the target immune system. Increases further viral damage received

Ibexan- Infest the target with a catalyst. Increases the ticking speed of damage over time effects.

Iranon- Infest the target with a parasite that will eat him from the inside and turn his body into energy. Upon death enemies has a increased chance of dropping energy orbs

Tethron- Infest the target with a rage virus , increases the target movement speed and force him to drop his weapon and attacks the closest valid target.


Synergy: Dog prioritizes the closest highlighted enemy and will always hit the enemy weak spot. Effects vary based on mutagen equipped.



3.  Living Blizzard 

Shatters her own shield to create a living blizzard ( Blizard radius scales with shields spent). Enemies within the blizzard will be gradually slowed down until frozen. Killing a enemy slowed or frozen by the Blizzard will expand it's radius.

Note: dead enemies will be frozen, meaning Skadi gains health.

Dog– Channels his health into frozen shields

3.1 Living Blizzard (recast , casting during the duration )

Converts a portion of the Blizzard back into Ice armor them fires multiple Iceshards. Ice shard damage scales out of the HP of enemies that fed the Blizzard.

Synergy: hits the weak spot of enemies hit track. 

Dog: Shatters a portion of his armor sending shards into all directions knocking down enemies.



4. Winter Bow (25 Energy, charge up to 100)



Fires a frozen arrow contacting a deadly strain of the infestation. Upon impact the arrow will freeze everything on its explosion radius. If an enemy die while frozen he will release this strain of the infestation dealing damage to nearby enemies and buffing nearby Warframe´s.

Warframe receive frozen shields and viral damage. Shield Received and bonus viral damage increase if the player hit the frozen arrow into the enemy weak spot.

Dog – picks up the arrow and eats it. The mutagen will increase his size and power.  (increases hp and damage output)

Note – Charging up the bow increases the Blast radius

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A little too many of your suggested abilities seem to be what is already in-game with minor changes. I am not really sure what part of this Warframe is “modular”. I would that most of the effects the dog has seem relatively pointless. The mutagens you stick on the dog, what actually are they? Can we bring them into a mission and chuck it at the dog? That might make it more useful. 

Edit: it seems like you forgot to add some information on 3.1 — “Dog  Shatters a portion of his armor sending shards into all directions. These shards have different effects based on the currently”. It seems to just finish mid explanation.

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1 hour ago, krc473 said:

am not really sure what part of this Warframe is “modular”. I would that most of the effects the dog has seem relatively pointless

The dog is , the mutagens are the same ones used by Son for infested Kubrows.  Im just not sure if it should use the cossistent mechanic ( allow the player to pick when creating the dog ) or using the player friendly  one of allowing the player to change tbe mutagen and antigen on the aperance tab. 

The effects aren't that weak either if you compare with the equivalente stuff.

Her one is slow mach rush , you get free healing or free area denail ( not amazing area denial but it is cheap and happens passively  ) from the dog 

The effects on her two are straight up good unless I give them low numbers. Viral is a good damage type and she can always deal viral damage due to the self buff portion of the 4th skill. The tick rate effect is good because her two is already her debuff  skill so increasing the dps of dots is a good cherry on top. Free energy is free energy , it is always really good unless your build already allows unlimited skill use. The disarm effect is essentially irraditing disarm with a LOS check and cone AOE, not amazing but far from bad.

Edit: removed the effects vary from the third skill. There are only 2 available types of mutagem so I kind of ducked this one up. Forgot to remove it when I noticed the 3th part of modular kubrows were the captured kubrowns and unless I set the you have to craft a kubrow for this warframe rule I can't use this part. Gonna remove this until I decided if you must craft a special kubrow to equip on the passive or if you have a kubrow and can just equip it with the currently available mutagen and antigens. Maybe I can add a essence you can get by throwing any of the currently avaible kubrows on the blender as a new thing for modular part. Gonna edit the post.



1 hour ago, krc473 said:

little too many of your suggested abilities seem to be what is already in-game with minor changes. I

The minor changes make them play quite differently. Her 1 is similar to mach rush but her is more supportive of her team since it leaves a path for her allies to fallow. 

Her two is similar to sonar but it highlights the existing enemy weak spot ( for example it will always show the head as a weak spot on a lancer ) not creare a new one ( idk how to word that in a way that makes sense since banshee uses a broken wording ). Second the clause of melee hits always hit the weak spot makes the skill have a completely different game play application.

Third skills is inaros 4 with shields , that's it.

The 4th skill is similar to what we have right now but it does 2 things really well. First a proper use of the charge mechanic,  because both fully charging and tapping are perfectly valid choices ( need cc charge it up , just want the buff tap for a quick shot ). Second it rewards precision with a better version of the self buff if the player can head shot. 


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8 hours ago, krc473 said:

little too many of your suggested abilities seem to be what is already in-game with minor changes

Did a few changes to help them stand out more. The ione s somewhere in between fire walker and mach rush, it would require a lot of fine tuning on the speed ( fast enough  to not be a DR skill , but slow enough to be worth considering firing )

The second just explained its mechanics 

Third got a bit of heavy  rework 

4th as is 

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