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Corrupted Mods from found and unlocked Orokin Vaults not showing up in rewards...sometimes.


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I've discussed this with some other players, and it turned out that something we all thought only happens to us every so often actually seems to be more common. If a "special" mission type (like Nightmare or syndicate) lands on a Deimos node where an Orokin vault will spawn, sometimes the corrupted mod does not show up in the mission rewards, even if everything in the mission happened to indicate you picked it up - confirmation from the Lotus spiel, corrupted enemies showing up, the debuff after picking up the glowing orb, all of it. It also DOESN'T happen every time. I think it's connected to being solo as well, because every time it's happened I was in solo mode (hence not bothering with a support ticket because I know they can't restore rewards for solo missions.) I searched through the forums but didn't find anything indicating this has been reported as a bug before.

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