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So I called Nezha is Tr-a-p Prime on Chat and now get banned



As the title, I recruited on chat to open relics and thought it would be funnier than normal things like: H [Relics] radshare

Then I got an Inbox message from Warframe Support said: "Some players reported me for that"

And I got banned 

I summited a ticket and they relied the issue for me:

"In chat you called Nezha Prime "T-r-a-p Prime". Using this term in this context is discriminatory and FAR from acceptable.

Any kick or ban from a chat channel is only temporary unless specifically told otherwise via an in-game message or an inbox message"

So this means i will be banned forever from chat realm ? or not

Can anybody answer me plz ?

Finally, I appologize for saying that if somebody feels disturbed by it

Thank u guys so much

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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