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The new Orokin dojo room has that "lights" issue


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I dont normally post in the forums but this is irritating in terms of design. I know this probably doesnt bother everyone and to some isn't worth the attention, but for those of us including myself who feel rather annoyed when we try to change the "lights" colour in the polychrome and it doesnt change all the lights, this is currently my issue with it. As you know the orokin colour theme usually has blue emissive parts to the decorations, well this room has those blue lights that i'd really appreciate if they changed along with the few that do, I'm trying to stick strictly to an aesthetic here and its really bothering my eyes to have the blue sitting there that refuses to change. The accents slot in the "Lighting" section doesnt change them either, please do something about this. Ive noticed this kind of thing often with some cosmetics at one point, previously the revenant kavat armor that had its color attributes fixed.


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