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Warframe frozes


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Actually. I'm in same position, stuck in "arsenal" can't exit normally, I can exit by choosing another station from menu but when in mission got stuck again, unstuck command does nothing, tried on PS5, native and PS4 mode, also fired up old PS4, install the game from 0, same behavior, I can jump, fire, etc, only in place, also stuck in prone position!
Looks like is something  an object "invisible" in front of arsenal and in front of navigation console.
Not unstuck when dyeing!
Two days now with same problem, boosters are consumed, can't play.

LE It seems that somehow I have fixed the glitch by removing all customizations from warframe, will report back if the fix is not consistent!




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I have faced a similar issue as well. I’ve had no problems with movement using volt and rhino, but when i started using gara ive had problems freezing at the start mission, at the navigation, or he arsenal. I managed to fix it up until now using her abilities or jump spamming. But currently i am unable to do anything being on the last section of the second dream, my gara is currently immobile as i am stuck carrying the operator in place. Though i am unsure if it is because of gara or another issue, i assume so as her ability usually solves the issue during a mission.

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