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Would like to un-prime my Immortals, please.

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EDIT: I have been made aware that Prime Warframes maintaining their prime detailing with the Immortal skin is an intentional feature.

In which case I am changing the nature of this post to be a request for Prime detailing to be toggle-able as I would like the option to toggle them off on Immortal skins.


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1 hour ago, VoidArkhangel said:

Every prime warframe has always their prime details on inmortal skins, the only ones that have not/can be switched are the non-prime skin, the tennogen skins and the deluxe skins.

Not all of them anymore, some have started to show some Prime toggle options (ie: Hydroid). Was very surprised, but it isn't widespread.

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If you're wondering why I want to un-prime his immortal skin, it's because the standard-issue Vauban skin has this ugly disgusting donut glaze all over it that prevents it from being the nice, sleek black that I'd much prefer. The Esprit helmet I want to wear just doesn't go with it AT ALL.


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  • ENIAK_Prime changed the title to Would like to un-prime my Immortals, please.

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