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Deimos Underground Independant Mission Node?


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With the release of Deimos: Arcana, a couple of new bounties in the underground were added. As of now, the underground tileset has just as much mission variety as the Cambion Drift. There are at least 6 bounties to do but they are almost completely disconnected from the surface. The only thing that connects them is the quest giver NPC, Mother. This presents a couple of very annoying problems with one fairly simple solution for them all.

  • THE PROBLEM OF ACCESS - the current mission flow for the Isolation Vault is: enter Necralisk ---> take bounty from mother ---> enter cambion drift ---> feed the door ---> go underground and start mission. The entire bounty is spent underground, but it still requires a player to enter through the open world map, needlessly taking them through 2 loading screens before the mission even begins. 
  • THE PROBLEM OF MATCHMAKING - this is the main reason people avoid playing public in any of your open worlds. Players queue up in public to finish bounties but then run off and fish or mine, leaving you to do deal with a 4 player bounty scaling alone. Hosts abruptly leaving mid mission, locking you into a host migration screen and losing you all your progress. Matchmaking in warframe works best when there's only a single objective. If you click on Mot, you and your squad know exactly what you're up to. No fishing, conserving, mining and a no big map to get lost in.
  • THE PROBLEM OF PERFORMANCE - as said previously, an NPC is the only connection between the two Deimos worlds. The game asks you to load an entire open world map in order to just talk to an NPC and then leave the map to enter a different one. That strikes me as an unreasonable waste of performance.


THE SOLUTION: The Deimos underground is a largely independent tileset already. There isn't a good reason to keep it attached to the Cambion Drift without giving the player an independent entrance. Making it a separate mission node just like Cambion Drift would solve all of its problems. It would drastically shorten access time, it would improve matchmaking by narrowing the gameplay variety down to underground bounties only, and finally, it would greatly improve performance by simply moving the quest giver NPC down into the underground.

The node would be placed right next to the Cambion Drift and it would unlock once you finish the Heart of Deimos quest. Upon entering, you would be loaded into a sort of "landing zone", the way you currently land into any other tileset. Mother access point would be nearby. You could choose to wander and kill enemies at will (engage with obelisks or do the environmental puzzles for example), but only approaching mother and taking up a bounty will activate matchmaking (if set to public) and pair you up with a team of people who chose to do the same bounty as you.

Upon finishing a bounty, your team would have two choices: start another bounty from mother or extract.

  • EXTRACTING/ENTERING: would be done by engaging the fast travel tendril same as now. However, Instead of taking you up to the surface, it would ask you where you wish to go. Choices are Necralisk, Cambion Drift and near mother (only one access point to give the system space to reconfigure the tunnels and load another bounty). Extracting, wherever you go, gives you the MISSION COMPLETE screen. If you wish to go all the way back to the landing craft, you still have to do it through Necralisk for logical consistency. Ordis could hardly reach you with the landing craft when you're a mile underground. For ease of access, there should also be an entrance directly into the tunnels from Necralisk. A good solution for this would be placing an orifice-portal to the left of the current Necralisk landing zone. Approaching it would give a player the context box "ENTER DEIMOS UNDERGROUND".
  • CONTINUOUS FLOW: Taking inspiration from a formula you previously implemented in other places (ABCCC+ rotations), Isolation vaults would be endlessly replenished once a player finishes the third and the most difficult. It would make it easier to farm the new arcanes, the weapon parts and the kinds of drops which require a lot of repetition to complete.


Additional ideas:

- Should family token pickups drop on all Deimos nodes, including the "Derelict" missions?

- Should Deimos enemies appear in the "Derelict" missions?

- Should some Deimos resources drop/spawn in the "Derelict" missions?



TLDR: Make Deimos underground its own mission node, make it a separate tileset.

Thanks for reading and thanks for making an incredible universe! Enjoy your holidays, everyone! <3     

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3 minutes ago, Ailia_Grimm said:

You know, you can just click on the Cambion Drift node, it will take right in front of Nekralisk

takes one step out of it. still has to load the entire cambion drift just to talk to mother and then leave the map to do the mission.

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9 minutes ago, Amebot said:

takes one step out of it. still has to load the entire cambion drift just to talk to mother and then leave the map to do the mission.

If your PC takes ages to load or is very laggy, it's not DE's nor the game's problem, it's yours

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There is no loading screen to enter the underground after going to the Drift. If your game is slowing down to load the area then this isn't an issue with the game as that's not supposed to be happening.

There is no reason to separate it unless you want more people to complain about "island" content. This is essentially turning an island into two. As well letting us fast travel back to the Necralisk from the vaults would be convenient but wholly unnecessary as it takes seconds to archwing from the exit to the Necralisk. And ISO vaults being repeatable in the same session would again be convenient (and iirc you could before arcana) but there are no arcanes from those, only the mech drops.


Also obligatory this isn't the feedback forum comment.

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