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The possibility of Endless Vault run


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Is it possible , that in the future after Arcana is stabilize , make an Endless vault mode where player

a) skip step 1 . The door is already opened.

b)possibly also skip step 2.

C)no vaults . It's already opened.

b) go straight for T3 vault and battle 3 mechs , and get the according reward.

It should go like T1->T2->T3->T3 from now on , with scaling level of cource .

I think it could be fun , and better farm for synlicate and weapon parts since we don't have to start all over again.

Also with more variety of mechs comming in , the fight won't get boring.

Just some thoughts.

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just let us choose whatever tier we want when we are in deimos. then if we want to farm the endless t3 we can just start normal t3 from get go, instead of doing t1 then t2 then t3. those who start from necralisk will only have t1 option since mostly new players will bother going there to launch bounty mission

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