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ShawzinBot Is this software available? Will it be 2035?



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14小时前 , VoidArkhangel 说:

It's kinda safe, the rules says that you can't use any program that affects the gameplay and this doesn't affect it at all. Anyways I have used it a couple of times and nothing happened but (since it affects the keyboard) always pause the song when you are not in shawzin mode just to be sure.

Thanks for the reply, I have been using this software for a while

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14小时前 , Letter13 说:

Seems safe enough, provided it works as it's advertised. You can always contact DE Customer Support with a support ticket to ask DE Staff directly about it though, as they have the final word when it comes to what is/isn't allowed.

Thanks for the reply, I hope that we will not be banned. Questions to our customer service will always not be answered clearly. 😔They will only paste the policy form to us.

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