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Isolation Vault


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So i was doing Isolation Vault Tier 1 today and i found 3 Scintillants floating around and i picked them up, after that i decided to play Arcana Vault Tier 1 and again I found 3 Scintillants floating around on the same places and since their farm is so hard i was really happy about that but then i realised that no matter whether you complete that bounty and start a new one and come back or you abort the bounty and you start a new one and come back there will always be 3 Scintillants floating around on the same places. So you can pretty much start Isolation Vault Tier 1 and let's say you find 1 Scintillant floating around inside the vault you can pick it up then finish that bounty of course and then go ahead and start Arcana Vault Tier 1, go pick that 1 Scintillant again because it will be on the same place, then abort the mission and keep going as much as you want. I don't know if this was supposed to work like this or not but i would like to report this because i think it's a bug.

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