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Host migration voids rewards Heart Of Deimos


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Did a match with two other players, all went well. one player had to leave after first vault run so the other decided to leave as well. I continued. Did the vault reward mission got nothing ...blank slate! Did next vault, completed got....blank slate nothing. Did the mission awarded for completion of vault...blank slate, nothing! Tenno can only continue to play if the system works like it is suppose to. We put people on the moon in the late 60's!! We cant ensure the integrity of a video game? Yes the graphics and animation are tops but, Tenno will soon learn that, all that glitters perhaps isn't gold but in fact, FOOLS gold! I commend the staff for their effort thus far and the creators for something to do amidst this global pandemic. However, we (or @ least some), turn to this game to get our minds off of reality hardships and pains. Remember Pacman(r), we eat ghost after being chased and eating a power pellet. Here we chase/grind only in the end to have the ghost win anyway because of mechanics not happenstance. Tenno are dedicated gamers that want/wish for the 'Pacman' based system. Ok I'm done ranting.  

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