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Some idea x weapons and a warframer


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Name (?)

Fast description : (name) can play with reality, redirecting enemy damage to themself.


Hp : 120

Shield : 150

Energy : 210

Armor : 100

Speed : 1.20


When you ged a fatal damage, you isolate yourself from the reality, becomeing invulnerable to damage, knokgback, clean yourself from any negative status and increase your speed (4seconds duration). When the invulnerability is over, you will regenerate 25% of your hp. This ability can be activated each 120seconds (the cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds each kill).

Ability 1

Launch a energy wave with a cone dispersion (65°) that isolate any enemy from the reality. Enemies isolated don't take damage when under the effect of the ability, but will take All the damage when the effect runs out, with a 135% damage bonus. 45% of the damage is redirected to the hp as a pure damage. When the ability hit an ally, will isolate it from the reality, making him invulnerable, but unable to deal damage, but the ally will regenerate 4%hp/ sec(8% if the ally frame doesn't have shield), 14/sheold/sec , and 5%energy /sec for 5 second.

Ability 2

Create a medium range stasis field around you, that assorb any bullet will hit it. After a short duration, all the bullets will become 4 blades that will rotate around you, damaging anyone come close to it. The blade become stronger and bigger more bullets you absorb.

Ability 3

Condensate all your shield, hp(except 1) and armor, to activate a special defence-offence system. For each 5hp/10 shield/10armor you use, you will get a charge, each charge will absorb unlimited ammount of damage,but will consume after absorb a hit, and will shot 7 sharpned a bullet that will automaticly hit the enemy who consumed your charge + any other enemy near, with 100% status chance with only slash status. The base damage/sec the slash proc will deal is 350, but will increase with the damage dealt to that charge (more damage the charge absorb, more damage the slash proc will deal). When you have more than 1% of starting charges, you will be immune to damage to health (from any source), and once all the charges will be consumed, all your armor will be restored, and the shields will start regenerate. Once the last charge is consumed, you will get 3seconds of immunity.

Ability 4

Create a condensate fragment of pure reality. If you protect the fragment for x seconds, and it will not get enought damage, the fragment will give to you and any ally a huge buff to health, shields (more health if you don't have shield), max energy, armor and ability efficiency. If the fragment recive enought damage, it will explode dealing a huge ammount of damage(will not harm allies), after attracting all enemies in x range for y seconds, in a great range. 


Weapon idea

Burst multi barrel rifle

This rifle will use 6 barrels (2 columnsx3 lines) to fire a huge burst of heavy bullets, with greate precision and stopping power, will be effective for medium-long range fighting, but will have the zoom low for not become useless in low-range fight.

Weapon idea 2

corpus hight tech rifle

This rifle will not use common reload system, but will reload over time, but you eill be able to activate a faster reload system, that will prevent you from fireing. This weapon will shot fast energy bullets, and the damage will increase for any bullets that will hit the same target (+3% for each bullet will hit the same target, the bonus will not reset with the increased reload).

This rifle will have both status and critical (like 25% status and 20%critical)

Weapon idea 3

Secondary explosive grineer revolver

Hard hitting revolver, with explosive bullets. A 100% grineer's weapon, will be a 6 round revoler, with 1.7 radius explosive bullets (hitscan)), will have hightes critical stan status (35% critical chance, 20% status chance), with 6 rounds and 1.6seconds reload.


p.s. sorry for my bad english, it's not evem my 2nd language .

ty for reading.


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Please proof read your post and correct spelling mistakes. My eyes hurt a little;-) I like abilities 3 and 4, passive is also ok, though op. Remove +25% for each enemy killed and it could be ok. Abilities 1 and 2... Limbos abilities but much stronger. Unlimited trolling potential. Complete rework required. 

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