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Keeping your fashion during gameplay


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Some frames' abilities change how you look. Good example of an improvement (at least, in most cases) is Nidus, where his skin opens up and veins grow when high on stacks. It's good, since you look better during 90% of your gameplay, since you're always supposed to be high on stacks. However, some abilities do the opposite. Best examples: Xaku and Gara. While I haven't played Xaku yet, I have seen gameplay and his 4, in which you're supposed to stay 99% of the time, kills your fashion (unless you're doing a spooky scary skeleton cosplay). Gara's 2, which is also her main ability, supposed to be active all the time, removes all glass armor. It's used to be not so bad (for the base at least), but after buying Gara Kaleida skin I feel scammed, because the glass gives her pretty much all the appeal. And so, I suggest that we get an option in game, set in Appearance tab, which enables abilities to change the fashion of the frame (each one separately, maybe even for separate configs). A small thing, but it would probably make most fashion enthusiasts very happy.

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