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Helstrum (Robotic companion weapon) is not affected by flight speed mods (Terminal Velocity)


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TYPE: In-Game
DESCRIPTION: The Helstrum Robotic companion weapon is unaffected by "+XX% Flight Speed" mods (Terminal Velocity). Rockets fired have the same travel time for the same distance with and without "+XX Flight Speed" mods equipped.

  1. Equip the following:
    1. Warframe Primary: Any sniper rifle (Rubico) to measure distance.
    2. Robotic companion: Djinn
      1. Mod Djinn with max rank Thumper
    3. Robotic weapon: Helstrum
      1. Mod Helstrum with max rank Terminal Velocity
  2. Enter Simulacrum.
  3. Kill all spawned enemies and summon 1 Corrupted Heavy Bombard with "PAUSE AI" checked.
  4. Wall jump or aim glide ontop of the left, closest-to-player-spawn pillar (~50m from spawned enemy).
  5. Record and measure time between each Helstrum rocket launch and enemy impact.
  6. Repeat 1-5 without modding Helstrum with max rank Terminal Velocity.

EXPECTED RESULT:  Modded rockets travel 60% faster (modded to 16m/s for 3s flight time; from un-modded 10m/s for 5s flight time).
OBSERVED RESULT: Fired rockets travel 10m/s (for 5s flight time at 50m) with and without Terminal Velocity equipped.

I tested other projectile companion weapons (Vulklok, Burst Laser, etc) but they DID change with flight speed mods. Of the weapons I tested, only Helstrum has this bug.

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