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Cephalon Cy Endlessly Repeats Crewship Dialogue


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I found a bug where Cephalon Cy will endlessly repeat the 'new crewship' dialogue when playing Railjack.

I was playing on Gian Point and the mission progressed normally, eliminating the fighters and leaving the crewships mostly for last. During the fight I had drifted near what I believe is the boundry of the map, as I couldn't manuever properly. I eliminated three of the crewships right near the boundry, at which point the dialogue started playing endlessly, but no crewship appeared. Upon moving closer to the center of the map the last crewship appeared, and I was able to destroy it and finish the mission. However until that point the dialogue continued to play.

Link to a video of it on Youtube

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During a recent saturn proxia mission i had him repeat that  there was a crew ship entering over and over ... till i went and killed all the crew ships just to get him to shut up

But from his count there would have been at least 50 crew ship

granted i dont do much in rail jack now that there is a cap on intrinsic

and i have everything maxed for ship and intrinsics so no real point

but with Sy spouting off like that i shall not be back till it fixed

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