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I have a problem with the sharpening of the game or something else.



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12 minutes ago, SiskoBisko said:

i guess that no one will help me 

Maybe give it some time.

The issue is most likely that the setting are so low.

The problem is that your complaint is that 'it looks ship'. What exactly is it that you dont like? Because for most looking at your images, it would be the lack of shdows and the low geometry detail. But as youve chosen to have that it much be something else?

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looks like Dynamic Lighting and Ambient Occlusion is off, for starters, perhaps?

you say your Video Settings doesn't change anything, if that's actually the case, then either your Video Drivers are overriding some of the games' settings, or you need to provide more details for someone to understand what the problem might be.


also here is the hotlink to your Image.

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