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Hydroid Prime + Immortal Skin Bug


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You can not apply Immortal Skin on Hydroid Prime because it change it look to standard Hydroid. And i know this is a bug because other characters like Trinity for example do not have this problem, when you apply Immortal Skin on Trinity Prime, then you got prime version of immortal skin, when you apply Immortal Skin on standard Trinity then you got standard version of immortal skin.

I love Hydroid, this is my main character and i feel very unhappy abut this bug, to be honest i was so annoyed about it that i literally stop play the game for some time. The only thing that i want is to have same mechanic like Trinity, that when i will be using standard Hydroid i will have standard Immortal Skin and when i will be using Hydroid Prime i will have prime version of immortal skin.

Please fix that!

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