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Auguments xaku,wukong,revenant


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Deny augument

The beam will gain a cone dispersion (65°), and will leave a void trace, which will slow down enemies(65% speed reduction), but will increase the energy cost by 25%

Gaze augument

Enemies inside the defence reduction effect, will also they will deal less damage (45% less damage). Passive : +25% gaze duration and range)

Wukong passive augument

All the effects of wukong's techniques to avoid death, have 50% of original duration, but they recharge with 120s cooldown (each technique have a separate cooldown)

Defy (wukong) augument

Defy will no longer give an armor boost, but will give damage reduction (5%->85%).


Mesmer skin augument

Each charge will no longer negate the damage, but will reduce it by 95%. As long as you have at least 1 chrage left, you will not be able to drop below 2hp. Passive +4 base charges.

Danse macabre augument

While danse macabre is active, all the damage revenant take, will not increase beam's damage, but will explode in 25m radius when the skill ends.


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