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Not getting rewards after exiting open worlds


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It's happened at least 10 times: I spend over an hour gathering resources in an open world (in this case the tatsu posture mod was a *@##$ to farm), i get a bunch of resources, i exit the team with no problems, i click on last mission rewards TO MAKE SURE I GOT THE MOD, its right there... Get to my ship and try to equip my hard earned 0.99% chance mod... It's not there. FFS! This has happened on deimos. I mine and fish for over an hour straight, check the mission rewards and when i try to sell or cut NOTHING IS IN MY INVENTORY! One of these days ill rage quit for good, i swaer to god... im sick of getting migranes over this when i just want to get a godamn mod or get access to content thats farm locked... i HATE it.

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