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[PC][NA][18+] Cult of Inasha(Not a cult) is a chill new clan looking for founding members!


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Looking for a laid-back clan in Warframe that has a bunch of perks anyone can access? 

Looking for friends to just hang out with after a long day? 

Looking for people to do stupid things with for fun, like fishing contests, role-playing, and obstacle course races?

Me too!  Join the Cult of Inasha(not a cult) today, and help build the clan that you want to see in the Origin System!

Requirements include:  None!  Play as little or as much as you like!  Be as active in the clan as you like!  You can be a new player with an MR of 0 and never talk in chat!  I don't care!

If you want to get promoted to higher ranks, the only requirement is that you show an interest and willingness to be an active and helpful member, and to organize events.  Oh, and stay humble.  Our rank system is about trust and fun, not clout.  Though, higher ranking members will get their own personal rooms to decorate in the Dojo, so that's something~

Join the Discord Server to get a clan invite:  https://discord.gg/87DvWPgW67


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