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Flying necramech


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We have a basic balanced necramech (voidrig), and a tank (bonewidow), soo why not a fast flying one? Here my idea

Name : (? don't have any idea)

Style : The fastest of all necramech with a increased shield capacity, and more fuel in the fuel tank. This necramech is equipped with a unique flying system (somethink like archwing, just little bit different) whoch help this necramech to avoid most of the dangers, and kill enemies without getting any damage.


Armor : 300

Shield : 1000

Health : 1000

Energy : 150

Sprint speed : 1.35

Fuel tank capacity : 200%

Fuel regeneration : 150%

Polarity : 1x madurai 1x vazarin 1xvnaramon


Ability 1 (10 energy)

Dash in the direction you are gazing, overwhelming any enemy in your path regenerating 5% of your maximum shields for every enemy hit. You will consume 50% less fuel for the next 10 seconds.

Ability 2(20 energy)

Tap fast : you lose 25% of your speed, but you will start regenerating your fuel at 250% of speed. Hold : consume 25% of your fuel(0 energy consumed) to set fire to every enemy in medium range, dealing medium damage over time, and increase your speed by 50% for 7 seconds.

Ability 3 (50 energy + 50/100% shields)

tap fast :Limit the maximum ammount of your shielt to 50%, but create a front barrier that reflect all projectile (165°), and prevent enemies from approaching. Hold : consume 100% of your shield but the barrier has 360° coverage, and you lose 10% of your speed.

Ability 4 (this ability would use the fuel in the tank first, then consume enrgy when you have 0 fuel left)

Activate your flight system and rise off the ground, floating at an adjustable ground clearance. you get an automatic system that destroyst approaching bullets, all the while you can fire with your unique weapon.


Unique weapon

Name : (?)

Description : multi-barrel machinegun with ultra-hight fire rate, and extremly large magazine, that can kill entire host of enemies without reloading.

Secondary fire : automaticaly lock onto up to 27 enemies, and fire a series of homing micro missiles.

Ty for reading.

p.s. sorry for any spelling horror, english is not my 1st or 2nd language


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"Flying necramech"

I mean... Archwings are a thing so I guess theoretically making a necramech with flight controls is possible. 

I'm not sure if it really makes much sense, however, since necramechs are being added to all mission types and most missions are inherently not designed for flight (titania works because she is scaled down so small)

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