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you ever just.... shoot at a wall and be like..... "pretty OwO"


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I was fighting Mania a few days ago, and decided to use my archgun against him. Turns out that if you overwhelm Turbulence with too many hitscan tracers at once, the game gives up pretending that the engine is "redirecting all incoming projectiles" and just erects an invisible wall with visible bullet decals. And when you're pumping hundreds of rounds into a metal wall, the molten metal looks kind of cool

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9 hours ago, BloodKitten said:

because that is what i kinda do 90% of the times with ogris x.x



That reminds me of something I read online once. There is a village, I think somewhere in China, where the people didn't have the right material for fireworks, and they wanted to put on a show, and I think the village worked with metal a lot in some way, so they they throw molten metal at walls and made crazy sparks like that instead and put on their on show.

From what I understood, it became a yearly tradition. 

Edit: The pictures I saw of it remind me very, very much of your screenshot. 

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